Aquarena Kitzbühel


Whether the sun is shining, it's pouring down, or the green meadows have been transformed into a whiter winter wonderland – Aquarena Kitzbühel is a great, reenergizing experience in all kinds of weather.

This bathing paradise is located in the heart of Kitzbühel and, thanks to its bathing and sauna facilities as well as numerous wellness amenities, provides lots of opportunities for relaxation and wellbeing. And while you spend a peaceful time at Aquarena Kitzbühel, your kids can be as active as could be on the adventure-packed water slides.

After a visit to Aquarena Kitzbühel, you will feel like you have been reborn. Escape the outside world completely, and dedicate yourself body & soul to this rejuvenating experience in and around the water.

Opening Times

Daily 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.


€ 14.70, with Guest Card € 14.00

€ 11.50, with Guest Card € 10.90

€ 7.30, with guest card € 6.90